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Introduction of Industrial Laser Solutions Japan

Industrial Laser Solutions Japan provides the most up-to-date global laser processing technology, products, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing solutions for Japan’s manufacturing professionals, enabling them to manufacture products better, faster, and less expensively.

Circulation: 8,000



R&D/Education 19.2%
Electrical/Electronics/Semiconductors/Micro Processing 18.2%
Laser Systems Integrator/Manufacturer 12.6%
Industrial/Commercial Machinery 11.7%
Metal Fabrication 10.7%
Medical & Dental Instruments/Equipment 5.3%
Job Shop 5.1%
Transportation (incl. aerospace, automotive) 4.0%
Non-metal Fabrication 0.9%
Others 13.6%

Job Function:

R&D 31.7%
Engineering Management 12.3%
Corporate Management 11.3%
Manufacturing Production Engineering 10.8%
Design/Applications Engineering 10.7%
Manufacturing/Production Management 2.7%
Purchasing/Procurement 1.1%
Others 19.5%

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